The beautiful living organisms (flower) wonder me and caught my eyes.

Actually, my first pregnancy was a miscarriage. That might be the reason why I have began to deeply think about the beginning of life. 

Many female artists experience the changes in their work after pregnancy.

I am no exception to that. During the period of pregnancy, my observation of things changed. Flowers weren’t just a nice thing to look at anymore, it was more than that. 


   When I was pregnant with Jessica, even though she was in my womb, I would take walks hoping to show her a glimpse of the world that she would soon be part of. As the seasons changed from winter to summer, I had the occasion to witness the reproduction and the blooming of a nature’s beauty; flower. This beauty that caught my attention creates life from stamen and pistil. 

So I began researching about stamen and pistil. I discovered various shapes and colors of stamen and pistil that I have never seen before.


  My artworks consist of a hybrid of my womb shown in my first ultrasound picture with flower’s stamen and pistil to the beginning of life. To visualize the fundamental beginning of life, I juxtapose the shape of my womb from the first ultrasound image with flower’s stamen and pistil.

Therefore, through my artworks, I want to remind people the beauty of the beginning of life.