I started to consider the true meaning of the existence called “I” during my college days, and the substance called glass was dealt with as the most effective material for me to project my ego. Continuous questions about ‘I’ that started to appear as a part of a work made me pursue the inside ‘existence of myself’ more deeply. The theme of these works starts at the origin of numerous questions that I have been working on until now.


  The question, ‘Who am I?’ is the most fundamental and original. The curiosity about the existence let many philosophers from the East and the West think deeply. Among them, the skeptical position of an English philosopher who studied ‘A Treatise on Human Nature’, David Hume, who said that ‘If we are to discover me as a fixed object, we can never discover me as such anywhere’, became the answer to my thoughts. The existence, ‘I’, was something that we could never define as anything.


  Since the moment that I recognized my ego, numerous things that I have experienced through life let me of today change, but those things are composed of many bundles of memories such as reciprocal emotions that I perceive, love and hatred, pleasure and pain and hope and frustration and thereby are forming the current ‘I’. In addition, as time goes by, after these bundles of memories spread to myself in my inside and thereby cover all over my ego, it gets difficult to answer the question about the same quality, ‘Who am I?’. Sometimes I feel that I am a person who is cold and hot at the same time and that I am an existence that lives with anxiety disorders that make me laugh and cry often


  Barnacles that live in land adjacent to the sea cover things by a surprising fertility regardless of the kinds of the things such as stones, iron, wood and etc., and as time goes by, barnacles make it hard to recognize the original things. The scene of numerous barnacles over stones on the seashore resembled looks of ‘I’ that get increasingly complicated. I described the aforementioned bundles of perception as the shell of my body or as the scene of barnacles spread like shells over the organic phase that symbolized the ego. This symbolizes me in the reality of life, and barnacles become a metaphor as suspension of myself that have become muddled adapting myself to reality.